Who gets the hand-me-downs? November 13 2013, 0 Comments

As the KickStarter campaign gets underway, our software team are prioritising making the changes based on the great feedback we had at the GadgetShow@Christmas in London.Most of the changes are based around accessibility on the web app such as increasing the font size and slight changes to the colour picker for "fatter fingers". Do email us or tweet @HalcyonBulb with #Better_Lighting if you have any suggestions.

We have also asked our colleagues to bring in old unused smartphones so that we can check how Halcyon will work with some of the older operating systems. We are aware that children often get the hand me down devices, so part of a really good whole family solution needs to recognise that our younger users typically use older devices. Maybe it's the kids that get the new devices and the parents get the hand-me-downs?

Meanwhile, personally I had a traditional light bulb fail at home yesterday and now I am in a quandry as to whether to live without a light in that room until I get my Halcyons......it's a dilemma.