Blue light has a dark side - what if the world stopped turning? November 14 2013, 0 Comments

My daughter asked me last week "Mum, What happens if the world stops turning?" and I thought about it for the moment, the idea of being stuck in an endless day or an endless night wherever you happened to be (light side or dark side) when it stopped. Surely we would not survive? We, and almost all life on the planet needs both dark and light to live. Whilst the question was hypothetical, the reality is that in our electrically lit environment, for some of us the earth does not turn, we constantly tell our bodies it is daytime by constantly exposing ourselves at night to blue light from tablets, TVs and low energy lighting. On the flip side, some people, stuck in their poorly lit schools and offices, never get enough light and are almost stuck on the dark side.

One of the things that we are passionate about is helping people to understand just how much effect (positive and negative) light and lighting may have on your health - not just day to day performance and sleep quality, but even the big issues of our time such as cancer, diabetes, obesity, depression and cardiovascular / heart disease.  Understanding this has been at the core of the design choices that we have made for Halcyon. We know people want a cool gadget, and Halcyon is definitely that, but the internet of things revolution enables lighting to be better for you, even if you didnt know what that needed to be.

This article in the May 2012 Harvard Health Letter (Harvard Medical School)- Blue Light has a Dark Side has comments by Steven Lockley, one of the most respected experts in the effects of light on people.  The advice that it gives are realised in some of the automated features built into Halcyon Lighting systems or Halcyon Bulbs.