Liven up your lighting experiences November 27 2013, 0 Comments

We have had some very progressive meetings with amBX in the last two weeks, and they have backed our project as developers. The technical staff from both companies have spent time at the PhotonStar R&D centre in Hampshire where they had a preview of our API. The amBX team felt that our API would be very easy for them to work with, and gave them features that were not available with other smart lighting APIs/SDKs. 


The result of this is that amBXwho develop immersive experience control solutions, will be one of the very first to launch Halcyon™ compatible products.


One of the first of these will be their project on Kickstarter  – “Luminous tales” which is a new product for “immersive storytelling” using tablets, smart lighting and more. The guys at amBX are experts in experiential control solutions, aiming to develop really useful, intuitive software and make them fun beyond imagination. It was very reassuring to hear from them how pleased they were with the structure, power and workability of our API. As one of the “developer backers” on Kickstarter, they will be the first to have access to the API once we launch.