HalcyonPro get four yes's from the Lux Live Dragon's Den November 26 2014, 0 Comments

HalcyonPro™ earned a 'yes' from all four Dragons at the Dragon's Den session at this year's Lux Live. The session, mimicking the popular BBC television programme, had an audience of around 150 people whilst four entrepeneurs presented their product.

PhotonStar's presenter, Fenella Frost, had five minutes to present HalcyonPro's benefits and specifications to the panel of industry experts which included Robert Bain of Lux magazine. Fenella was tasked with presenting HalcyonPro™ without any PowerPoint presentations or videos and then face a Q&A from the panel at the end of her five minutes.

HalcyonPro™ sailed through the process with all of the panel judges giving the product the thumbs up and was one of only two products to receive a yes from all of the Dragons. Read more about HalcyonPro™ here.