Introducing LuxLoop... February 19 2015, 0 Comments

Introducing LuxLoop...a family of distinctive LED fittings with orbital design and optimised circadian options. 

The LuxLoop joins the halcyonPRO range and is available as a surface mount, suspended or panel fitting. The LuxLoop has been designed for new build and retrofit applications and is available in standard fixed white, Circadian (white colour tuneable) and CircadianPLUS (white colour tuneable + RGB) light engines. 

LuxLoop features efficacy of up to 83 luminaire lumens per Circuit Watt and up to 3724 delivered lumens. 

Find out more about LuxLoop here and contact sales for information on pricing and availability. 

LuxLoop - family of distinctive LED fittings with optimised circadian options. HalcyonPRO