Halcyon For Professionals

The HalcyonTM professional range is for lighting professionals to deliver biologically optimised circadian and energy saving LED lighting and controls to small and large commercial applications. 

The HalcyonTM Intelligent Wireless Lighting Ecosystem offers automated energy saving benefits through wireless lighting control and energy monitoring.

There are three options to choose from:   

CircadianMAX ColourMAX:  The ultimate biologically optimised LED light source, tuneable from warm white (1800K) for best night time effectiveness, a genuine match for traditional light sources (2200K - 4000K), and high lumen output biologically enriched for day whites for maximum daytime effectiveness (7000K). Also includes the ultimate vivid range of colours and rich pastels to give the most complete range of options in mood and scene creation.

Circadian: Dynamic LED light sources with tuneable white from warm evening white (2700K) to cool bright day whites (6500K) with good colour quality and highest efficiency.

Fixed White: Fixed white light source, optimised for wireless control. 

HalcyonTM is available to order now. Email sales@halcyon-lighting.com for prices and availability.