FAQ - Circadian

What is Circadian?
Circadian lighting provides light that mimics changing daylight. In addition, the spectrum of the light changes to enable non-visual cells in your eyes to respond and tell your brain/body clock if it is daytime or night time. Any Halcyon light/scene, with circadian selected, will be the correct colour and intensity for the time of day.

How can lighting affect how I feel?
Studies have shown that disruption to your circadian rhythm can affect how you feel. Your circadian rhythm controls many functions of your body and is entrained by the changing spectral distribution of light. Jetlag is the perfect example of circadian rhythm disruption and how it makes you feel. 

Can Halcyon wake me up in the morning?
Yes, Halcyon can also be programmed to wake you up with the correct circadian setting. The circadian setting can give you the right light for the right time of day so your lights can change gradually in the morning to wake you. 

What is daybreak?
Daybreak is dawn and typically 30 minutes before sunrise. 

What is Nightfall?
Nightfall is dusk and typically 30 minutes after sunset.  

What is Lighting 2.0?
'Lighting 2.0' is lighting that communicates and interacts with the environment around it. Using the Internet of Things, smart lighting can give you the right light for the right time of day. This circadian lighting can improve health, well-being and human performance so the ability to have an intelligent lighting system, like Halcyon, in a professional or personal environment can be extremely beneficial. 

Can I turn off the circadian feature?
The circadian feature is an optional setting within the web app, you don't have to use it at all, but we think it's pretty neat!

 Circadian Lighting : Halcyon