FAQ - Specifications

What light output are the Halcyon bulbs?
The halcyon bulbs deliver 700 lumens which is equivalent to a 60W incandescent bulb. 

How much energy do the Halcyon bulbs consume?
The Halcyon bulbs use 11W  of energy when in use and 0.W when on standby. Typically the bulbs offer 80% energy saving over traditional incandescent bulbs. 

How long will the bulbs last?
The bulbs have a rated life of 20,000 hours which is equivalent to 2 years continuous use. 

What is the maximum number of lights I can have?
Each light has a unique IP address, the number is not limited, but potentially the network will slow down. We recommend 200 fixtures. 

How many colours can Halcyon create?
The Halcyon lights have a 12bit colour mixing technology, unlocking possibilities of 64 Billion colours to choose from across the RGB spectrum, and white light tuneable from 1800K-7000K.

Is there a warranty?
The Halcyon system is covered by a 2 year manufacture warranty, the same as any other electrical product sold in the UK.

What are the dimensions of the Halcyon system?
The dimensions for the Halcyon Lighting Server are 120mm(W) x 101mm(D) x 95mm(H). The Halcyon Lamps are 108mm(H) x 62mm(D). The Halcyon Battery Sensor is 65mm(W) x 60mm(D) x 99mm(H) and the USB Sensor is 54mm(W) x 45mm(D) x 81mm(H).

Are the bulbs suitable for enclosed fixtures?
Yes they are suitable. The lamps have our proprietary temperature control algorithm, Thermaloc, which enables the lamp to continuously monitor and regulate the operating condition to ensure the bulb is always running at the correct temperature. The lamp may obviously dim slightly to compensate for the reduced power consumption. 

Will the bulbs work in my country?
The bulbs are designed to work in both 110V and 240V countries. 

What bulb fittings are available?
Currently we offer Bayonet Cap (B22) and Edison Screw Cap (E27). We are working towards a Small Edison Screw (E14) for domestic table & wall lamps. 

Can I use bulb fitting adapters?
Bulb fitting adapters are available to convert one fitting type to another but we cannot guarantee compatibility with our bulbs. 

Will you offer GU10 fittings?
In short, no. We aim to release a range of downlight fittings as a complete retrofit solution. From years of operating as a commercial LED lighting company, PhotonStar know how to make high quality, efficient lighting. Manufacturing a product in the GU10 form factor with an acceptable light output will not allow the product to have the correct thermal management causing the product to overheat and dramatically reduce the life of the product. Unlike traditional lighting, LEDs project heat to the back rather than the front, therefore requiring an adequate heatsink to keep them cool, much like a heatsink on a computer's CPU. Typically for every 10°C increase in temperature over 85°C will cause the LED efficiency to drop by 3%, the colour temperature point will shift by 1% and the lifetime will drop by 10,000 hours.