Tech Specs


  • Robust, easily scalable, self-healing tree network enables 100s of nodes per gateway.
  • IP-based networking to enable internet of things
  • Easy-to-use, JSON REST API
  • Highly secure: 128-bit AES encryption with secure authentication and device joining light bulbs

Lighting Server:

  • Lighting Server with ARM A8 + 2Gb RAM
  • Web Server running on Linux
    • Enables multiple control devices to be connected
    • Independent of control device OS 

Retrofit Lamp: 

  • ChromaWhite2 advanced, patented colour mix technology
  • Tuneable "Daylight" white from 1800K to 7500K
  • Spectrally optimised for Circadian (Photo-biological) lighting
  • Millions of colours availiable using 12 bit colour spectrum
  • Application processor: Cortex MO+
  • Radio: 2.4GHz IEEE 802.15.4 6LowPAN

        Lumen Output: 700lm (Equivalent to a 60W Incandescent)
        Lifetime: 20,000 Hrs
        Watts: 11w
        Fitting Types: E27 (Screw) B22 (Bayonet)
        CCT (correlated colour temperature) Range:

        1800K - 7000K

        More Tech Specs Coming Soon.