What is Halcyon?


HalcyonTM is an intelligent wireless lighting ecosystem that includes halcyonLIFETM LED light sources that have been optimised for your biology to deliver the right light at the right time. 

HalcyonLITETM LED light sources emulate changing daylight for health, wellbeing, productivity and improved sleep. 

HalcyonTM offers automated energy monitoring & saving benefits through wireless lighting control, ideal for retrofit. Save energy and money as the system automatically turns off unneeded lights and eliminates wasted light.

HalcyonTM is available for both consumer projects and lighting professional projects. For professional lighting projects please contact sales@halcyon-lighting.com

Smarter: Using sensors, Halcyon knows if you need light and how much light you need.
Compatible: Set preferences or manually control Halcyon using any browser on your PC, phone or tablet. You can still use a light switch for on/off.
Energy Saving: Halcyon saves more than standard LEDs by automatically dimming/turning off unneeded lights and reporting your energy use.
On Your Time: Schedule Halcyon to save energy, wake you up, and personalise your home.
Scenes: Paint your world with light - when you want it & how you want it.
Circadian: Your body clock or circadian rhythm is driven by light. Halcyon can emulate changing daylight for a healthier, happier you.
Multi User: Intuitive for all ages, who can all use Halcyon at the same time. Limit high level features to selected users only.
Whole Home: Halcyon is not dependent on you being present. Intelligence is at the lighting server so your family can continue to enjoy the benefits.
Better Light: You and your world appear natural in any of Halcyon's white colours. High quality patented, colour mix LED, with no annoying flicker.
Fun: Design party or gaming scenes or using a full rainbow of colours.
Secure: Advanced, patented security protects your Halcyon system yet is simple & quick to install.
SDK: For developers - Open API and support Forum.


*To optimise performance and access all available features, sensors are required in each zone. A lighting server is required to operate all systems.


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