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Halcyon SoloSolutions - Wireless lighting, HVAC and blind control from Photonstar

For single site SMEs who want to take advantage of the savings that are delivered through automated wireless control of their primary energy using devices, as well as advanced lighting control for dynamic spaces or circadian lighting for health and wellbeing.

  • Wireless lighting control (including circadian)

  • Wireless blind automation

  • Wireless HVAC control

  • Wireless energy and environmental monitoring

Halcyon Enterprise Solutions : Multi site, intelligent building management control
For businesses with multiple small sites who wish to reduce energy, maintenance, operational and compliance costs through automation, remote control and monitoring of their existing/new energy using devices, environment and occupancy. Very low cost of entry with wireless technology and CloudBMS as a service.

  • Critical asset management

  • Automated emergency lighting and other compliance testing

  • Total load management across estate

  • Multi-site lighting with shared policies

  • Intelligent and predictive shading

  • Intelligent and predictive heating control

Halcyon FM Solutions : Intelligent building management systems

Working with our FM partners or integrating into other software packages for asset management, for businesses with small/medium sites who wish to reduce trade losses through seamless automated monitoring and maintenance of their critical assets.

HalcyonTM is a PhotonStarTM technology. For more information see PhotonStar LED Group plc website. 

PhotonStar has been trusted to provide solutions in over 22 countries since 2007. Our customers include: 

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