Intelligent Wireless Lighting Control

Automated energy saving and monitoring

halcyonTM lighting control and energy monitoring saves more energy than standard LEDs by automatically turning off unneeded lights and reporting your energy use. halcyonTM sensors can be used as occupancy and daylight sensors to eliminate wasted lights and have a positive effect on the energy consumption of the system. Why bother using light switches or a smart device to control your lights when your lights and sensors can act as automated controls?

Circadian Lighting

The right light at the right time

ChromaWhite 2.0 light sources have been have been optimised to meet human biological needs for changing day and night. The system changes to not only vary the colour and intensity of the light that we see, but also control the amount of blue light throughout the day from a stimulating "biological light" to a restful "biological darkness." The system uses automatic circadian tuning changing the spectral composition of light at different times of day to support your body clock and promote healthy activity, rest and sleep.

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