When decorating a new house or renovating a home, the bathroom is usually a key planning place. A relaxing and comfortable bathroom is also very important for daily life. And the atmosphere that can most affect a space is the selection of lamps.

If you see a designer lamp that you like very much, but it does not have a waterproof level, and the space planning is sufficient, it is recommended to place the lamp above the sink near the sink, which is less affected by water vapor, and can also increase the auxiliary of the mirror. The lighting is also brighter and clearer when you wash your face.

If that wants to install a beautiful design light in the bathroom, what other options are there? It is recommended to choose according to the following two conditions: waterproofness and bathroom style.


Safety and durability, the bathroom is an environment with more moisture, it is recommended to give priority to safety and durability. In terms of water resistance, due to the humid weather in Taiwan, as long as you take a shower, the bathroom will be full of water vapor. It is generally recommended to choose IP44 lamps.

The recommended bathroom lighting is mainly a ceiling lamp or wall lamp with a lampshade, which is covered by a lampshade, and there are not too many exposed wires, and the effect of humidity is low.

Water resistance can also be selected as a bathroom light based on the tolerance of outdoor lamps. Outdoor lamps such as IP65 are more able to withstand wind and sun, and are more durable. They can also be used for a long time in the bathroom environment.

This conical chandelier is a rare outdoor chandelier with a Wabisabi temperament. If you like the simple and quiet style of Japanese style, it is also suitable for choosing this lamp.

Style selection of bathroom lamps

In addition to giving priority to the waterproofness of bathroom lamps, the second is the choice of style. Of course, the bathroom space that is frequently used every day must be made comfortable and pleasant. Since there are many supplies in the bathroom, the style of bathroom lamps is recommended to be simple, first with the overall environmental style. And color, as the basis, such as Nordic style or modern style, choose lamps in this direction, it is less likely to get lost in the vast sea of ​​lights, and it is easy to match the surrounding wall colors and items, the overall color is consistent and harmonious, visually natural Looking good, here are some inspirational styles for bathroom lights.

Modern Scandinavian Bathroom Style

The modern Nordic style bathroom is characterized by the use of white, gray and black with wood color. The space is transparent and bright with a sense of nature. Putting some green plants on it will make it look quite refreshing, with a minimalist round wall lamp or It is a ceiling lamp, and a bathroom lamp that emits a gentle layer of light-sensitive color is quite suitable.

In fact, some wall lamps can also be used as bathroom ceiling lamps. Even if the same lamp is installed in different positions, it will show different styles and textures.

Elegant luxury bathroom style

If you like a luxurious bathroom space, you can choose marble as the focus of the space, such as an elegant marble wall lamp decorated with brass, installed in the bathroom, it will make the space exude a luxurious atmosphere.

The same is the marble bathroom. If you want to focus on elegant style, you can choose spherical wall lamps with soft light colors, which can be classical and elegant or simple and modern. The spherical bathroom lamps are very suitable for the matching of various bathroom styles.

Calm and quiet bathroom style

Wabi Sabi, which has become quite popular in recent years, is a wabi-sabi-style bathroom that combines Japanese shadow aesthetics and Nordic minimalist design. Metallic lighting is also quite a sunny approach. Using an appropriate amount of gold will have a contrasting elegance and restraint.

Finally, although the environment in Taiwan is humid, the humidity in the bathroom can also be improved by artificial conditions. For example, in the bathroom with dry and wet separation, use the wiper to remove the residual water on the ground after taking a shower, and install floor heating or a small dehumidifier to reduce the amount of water left on the floor. In addition to making the bathroom light last longer, a dry bathroom will also make you feel more comfortable when you use it personally.

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