retro sphere

A retro sphere is a type of optical sphere that is designed to reflect light. The reflectivity of a retroreflective sphere depends on its orientation and is generally increased by applying a metallic coating. Some examples include the cat’s eye retroreflector, which uses a normal lens focused onto a curved mirror, though its range of incident angles is limited.


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Corner reflector

The Retro sphere corner reflector has several advantages over traditional corner reflectors. The main difference is that the Retro sphere is composed of a periscope-like prism block. It features deflection mirrors and mirrored inclined surfaces on its front end. Its design also increases its lifetime, as all of its components are made of plastic.

The Retro sphere has a high angular resolution, which results in excellent refraction. Its refracting ability allows it to be used for a wide variety of applications, including video projection. A typical application for the Retro sphere corner reflector is in outdoor installations where strong wind loads are a problem. It is also useful for indoor applications. For smaller structures, corner reflectors are typically mounted at the top of the mast. For higher wind loads, spherical or cylindrical disguised versions are used.

Another major advantage of the Retro sphere corner reflector is its spectral signature. This is achieved by the fact that it produces increased reflection at the frequency of the FSS resonance, resulting in a spectral peak. This feature is particularly useful for detecting and locating individual reflectors.

Metal-coated sphere

Metal-coated retroreflecting spheres are glass discs coated with a layer of metal. These discs are adhered to the surface of a substrate with a thin layer of adhesive. In the next step, the metal coating is removed from the sphere’s surface, leaving the uncoated portion above the adhesive layer. This allows light to pass through the transparent portion of the sphere and bounce off the metal coating, returning the light to its source.

Metal-coated spheres can be crafted in many ways. These coatings can be applied to nearly any glass microsphere. The spheres themselves can be coated with different colors, or with metals that will enhance their reflected light. Prizmalite’s proprietary coatings will enhance the retro-reflectivity of hemispherical aluminum-coated spheres.

Disco sphere

When you want to make your home or party a truly cosmic experience, add a retro disco sphere to the scene. This 55-inch diameter, die-cut gold cardboard disco sphere is perfect for the Homecoming theme. The gold disco ball has a battery-operated turner that allows it to rotate.