louis poulsen

Founded in 1874, Louis Poulsen is a Danish lighting manufacturer that has distribution offices and agents across the world. Using the same design philosophy that has defined Scandinavian modern design since the 1920s, Louis Poulsen produces high quality lighting for homes and businesses.

Design philosophy

Founded in 1874, Louis Poulsen has been one of the foremost Scandinavian design companies for more than 140 years. Today, the firm specializes in the production of high-quality design products. The company has also established itself as a key global supplier of architectural lighting.

Louis Poulsen’s philosophy is grounded in the Danish tradition of lighting design. The firm believes that good lighting is an important aspect of a healthy and well-balanced life. As a result, the company focuses on creating quality design products with a comfortable, atmospheric, and functional touch.

The company has also collaborated with many renowned architects, artists, and designers over the years. Among them are Oivind Slaatto, Louise Campbell, nendo, and Foster+Partners.

Mid-century modern

Founded in 1874 by Ludvig R. Poulsen, the Louis Poulsen brand is still going strong today. The company is a world renowned innovator in modern Danish lighting. Today, Louis Poulsen is a coveted producer of decorative lighting for both indoor and outdoor uses.

In fact, the company’s products are crafted with artistry and innovation in mind. They’re all made in Denmark, and they’re designed to naturally shape light. Louis Poulsen is the first lighting manufacturer to receive an award from the American Institute of Architects for its collaborative achievement.

The PH 3 1/2 – 3 Pendant Light is a good choice if you’re looking for a functional, decorative light that’s still awe-inspiring alone. It has an E27 socket, halogen bulbs, and LEDs. The PH 3 1/2 – 3 Pendant is made of durable steel with a silk mat brown copper housing.

Scandinavian modern

Founded in 1874, the Danish company Louis Poulsen is a lighting manufacturer that produces top quality design lighting for both indoor and outdoor use. It has collaborated with a number of architects and designers. Its lighting concepts are designed to support natural light and shape the light into a beautiful ambience. It has become a leading global supplier of high-quality architectural lighting.

The Louis Poulsen brand was established by Ludvig R. Poulsen, a wine importer. His nephew Louis Poulsen joined the company in 1896. The firm became Louis Poulsen & Co. A/S. They published their first catalogue in 1914. It was published in Danish, German and English. It also featured tools and machines.

Products available on a smaller scale

Founded in 1874, Louis Poulsen is one of the leading brands of decorative lighting in the world. Throughout its history, Louis Poulsen has been involved in projects with many famous designers. Some of the most famous Danish designers who have partnered with Louis Poulsen include Verner Panton, Poul Henningsen, and Vilhelm Lauritzen.

Louis Poulsen’s lighting designs are inspired by Scandinavian modern design. They are minimalist in nature, and are designed to enhance the quality of light in spaces. These products are perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications. Several Louis Poulsen lights have won prestigious design awards.