Basic lighting – simple spotlights

Ceiling downlights provide the most basic lighting requirements for the space, but it should be noted that this area has relatively high requirements for anti-glare, and it is best to choose anti-glare lights. Recommended light type: lie down without glare.

Ambient lighting – ceiling light strip, wall light

The indirect light is used as ambient light, the light trough on the ceiling illuminates the ceiling and provides diffuse reflection, and as indirect light, it provides soft light in the space, creating a warm and comfortable leisure time. Recommended light type: custom light strip.

Wall lamps are also a good choice for bedroom lighting, decorative lighting, and creating ambient light. Recommended lamp type: modern wall lamp.

Reading – Night Light

Usually people go to bed to read a book, watch a mobile phone or chat with a partner, and this part of the lamp can be used as a local main lighting.

Recommended Lamp Types: Reading Sleep Lamp, Guide Elf Night Lamp, Big Honey Chandelier – High value, local accent lighting and decorative lighting.

Bedside reading sleep light – local accent lighting, adjustable at any time, 3w reading light, 2w ambient light.

Guide Wizard – Night light distribution, low brightness, do not hurt the eyes at night.

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