Pendant light

In particular, the multi-head pendant light is elegant, solemn and bright, and generous, so it is suitable for installation in the living room to create a good atmosphere for beautiful ladies to have dinner and guests. The single-head pendant light is suitable for installation in restaurants because of its convenient cleaning and realistic lighting. The chandelier has both a lighting function and a strong decorative effect.

Ceiling light

The ceiling lamp has soft lighting, simple shape, simple and generous, and low price. It is mainly used as the main lamp in the living room, or used in the walkway, kitchen, toilet and balcony. Ceiling lamps with moisture-proof function are especially suitable for use in wet places such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Wall lamp

Wall lamps are warm, soft and adjustable, so they are indispensable in bedrooms. Wall lamps are widely used in European-style living rooms. Spotlights: Spotlights are purely decorative lights. Because they can concentrate light beams, spotlights can be used in the home to draw people’s attention to a handicraft, a painting or a knickknack, a souvenir or a carefully arranged one.

Table lamp

Table lamps are mainly used in study rooms and desks in children’s rooms. The lamps are uniformly illuminated, protect eyesight, and can adjust the breadth and direction. The lamps have many shapes, which are ornamental, interesting and practical, and are very popular.

Floor lamp

The floor lamp pole can be folded, one pole has multiple lights, multiple lights can be turned on at the same time or only one light, the light can be moved, the light can be strong or weak, and it can be used in the hall or room to adjust the atmosphere.

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