The living room is the place where the most guests are received for leisure activities at home. Therefore, in the decoration stage, the owner spent a lot of thought on the decoration and layout of this space. In addition to the furnishings of a space, lighting design is also very important. So, what lighting should be installed in the living room?
Lights come in a variety of styles. Among the common lamps, lamps suitable for installation in the living room have these categories: chandeliers, ceiling lamps, downlights, floor lamps, spotlights, etc.


The chandeliers have various shapes and are directly suspended lamps. They have certain requirements on the floor height and are generally suitable for large living rooms. Suitable for modern, simple, Nordic, American and other decoration styles. Common chandeliers include spherical chandeliers, special-shaped chandeliers, and creative chandeliers.

Ceiling lamp

A universal and practical main lamp in the living room, with a square design on the top and a simple shape, suitable for Chinese, Japanese and Nordic styles. Common ceiling lamps include round ceiling lamps, square ceiling lamps, and rectangular ceiling lamps.


Generally, most of them are auxiliary lamps in the living room. They have good focusing effect. They are mostly installed on the TV background wall and sofa wall to set off the atmosphere.


Downlights are similar to spotlights, and they are also auxiliary lamps, but the spotlights are less effective than spotlights. They are generally installed around the ceiling to assist the main light, mainly for lighting.

Floor lamp

The lamps and lanterns are frequently used in the living room and are easy to move. They are suitable for Japanese, Nordic, and modern design styles. The general colors are matched with sofas and coffee tables, which play a role in local lighting and atmosphere.

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