Bedroom lamp size

Light fixtures on the market come in different sizes and a lot of what size you would normally want. However, when choosing lamps for the bedroom, you must pay attention to the area of ​​the bedroom and determine the size of the lamps according to the area. Otherwise, lamps that are too large or too small are not suitable for installation on the top surface of the bedroom, which will be visually uncomfortable, not to mention the use effect. Usually, a bedroom of 20 square meters with a diameter of no more than 50 cm is suitable for buying lamps. Considering that the residential floor of the community is not very high, it is about 2.6 or 2.7 meters, so pay attention to the height of the lamps. If you choose a chandelier, the height cannot exceed 40cm. Otherwise, it will appear too low, which will not only affect the lighting effect, but also greatly reduce the sense of decoration.

Types of bedroom lights

Home decor style should be considered before deciding on the type of bedroom light. For example, in contemporary styles, it is recommended that bedroom lights be primarily ceiling lights. It is best to choose simple and neat shapes, which will give the bedroom a very atmospheric look. European style can choose gorgeous crystal lamps, bringing a sense of luxury. It can be seen that different styles are suitable for choosing different types of lamps, which bring a very different sense of decoration to the bedroom. However, 89% of households tend to opt for simple ceiling lights that can be decorated with just the right amount of small accents. After all, the floor is not very high now. Ceiling lights don’t depress a room.

Wattage of bedroom lights

The wattage of the lamp determines the brightness of the lamp, and the lamp used in the bedroom space should not be too bright, otherwise it is not conducive to people’s sleep. If you choose a ceiling lamp, you can choose a lamp of about 6 watts to 10 watts in a bedroom below 20 square meters. If there is a higher requirement for the brightness of the lamp, a high wattage can be selected, and there is no absolute limit. If you want to install energy-saving lamps, the wattage should refer to 1-1.5 per square meter to calculate the area of ​​​​the tiles and buy the area of ​​​​the tiles. If you want to read in the bedroom, it is best to have a bedside lamp and provide auxiliary lighting, so that the bedroom will be warmer. The number of tiles for the bedside table lamp can be selected from 40-watt or 20-watt fluorescent lamps. If the number of tiles is too low, words in reading will be blurred, which is not good for eyesight. The number of tiles is too large and the brightness is too strong, which will irritate the eyes and affect vision. Therefore, we must pay attention to the number of tiles in the lamp. Some people will install wall lamps on the wall at the head of the bedroom, so the number of tiles for wall lamps is usually around 10W-40W. Remind everyone that the lower the wattage, the more energy efficient and the longer the lighting life.

Color temperature of bedroom lights

Many people don’t consider color temperature when buying light fixtures. In fact, color temperature is very important for creating a bedroom environment. Usually the main light in the bedroom is dominated by cool colors, and the auxiliary lighting is dominated by warm colors. If only one light is installed, it is recommended to choose a warm light source. A warm light source will make the bedroom warm and comfortable, giving people a warm and safe visual experience. Be careful not to pursue the effect of bedroom lights too much. Although the light color is very personalized, the actual use effect is not very good. The most important thing is to have a suitable light source for lighting at ordinary times. Too many colors will only be counterproductive, not energy efficient, and affect people’s vision.

Bedroom light color

In addition to color temperature, the color of the lamp body should also be noted. We recommends that you choose light-colored lights, such as pure white, beige, pink systems, etc., and should not choose dark light body colors. Because light colors are conducive to creating a quiet and warm atmosphere in the bedroom. The light color is multifunctional and will not affect the decorative style of the bedroom. On the contrary, dark colors can give people a strong visual sense, and if the style is not suitable, it will have a great impact on the decoration style of the bedroom.

Bedroom lamp material

The bedroom lamp material is frosted glass, or you can choose cloth lampshade material lamp, which will make the indoor lighting soft and bring a comfortable feeling. In addition to the material, the lamp installed on the bedside wall should also pay attention to the height. The lighting should preferably be inclined at 45°, which is beneficial for users to read on the bed and protect the eyes.

The layout of the bedroom without main light is a common design method in modern style decoration. This layout design space is simple and generous, and it is the decoration style that many young friends like. However, we should pay attention to the layout of the main light to ensure that the indoor lighting brightness and light are uniform, so that the bedroom The space is comfortable.

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