Table lamps are mainly used as auxiliary lighting, generally placed on bedside tables, desks or side tables, which can illuminate a small area of ​​local space and meet the different needs of indoor light. At the same time, a high-quality table lamp has low stroboscopic and has Certain eye protection functions. So how to choose table lamps? How to identify the quality of table lamps? If you are also troubled by these problems, you might as well learn the purchasing skills of table lamps with Xiaobian, so that you can buy one you like and Beautiful and functional desk lamp.

How to choose a desk lamp?

Determine the light source type

There are mainly four common light sources for table lamps, namely incandescent lamps, halogen lamps, fluorescent lamps and LED lamps, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages. The light source similarity between incandescent lamps and halogen lamps is relatively high, and the continuous spectrum is also the closest to natural light, so it is generally believed that table lamps with these two light sources are more eye-friendly. Followed by fluorescent lamps, the light source is more natural, and the energy consumption is relatively low, which is more energy-saving. The spectral continuity of LED lamps is relatively poor, and there is a certain gap with natural light, but they are the most energy-efficient.

Contrast color rendering

Color rendering refers to the closeness of the color displayed by an object under the light to the color displayed under natural light. It is generally identified by the color rendering index, which ranges from 1 to 100. The larger the color rendering index of the desk lamp, the closer it is to natural light, and the better the restoration of the color of the object. Therefore, when choosing a table lamp, you can try to choose a higher color rendering index. At present, the color rendering index of table lamps sold on the market is below 90. Only some high-end halogen lamps or incandescent lamps have a color rendering index of 97, while the color rendering index of LED lamps and ordinary fluorescent lamps is mostly lower than 80. If the color rendering index of the table lamp is high, greater than 90, the merchant will generally clearly identify it.

Detect illumination

The illumination of the desk lamp will directly affect the use effect, and will also have a direct impact on vision. Generally, when purchasing, be sure to choose a table lamp with a large and uniform illumination, so as to avoid too dark light causing visual fatigue and damage to eyesight. The detection method of table lamp illumination is to set the light source at a distance of about 40 cm from the desktop. If the illumination of the light source is between 750-1500 lux, it is the best, and it is recommended to buy. When the illuminance of the desk lamp is lower than 500 lux, the projected light is too dim, which is an unqualified product and cannot be used as a reading and writing lighting fixture.

While pursuing high illumination, the glare of table lamps cannot be ignored. The higher the illuminance of the desk lamp, the brighter the light and the more obvious the glare, which means that the light is more dazzling. In addition, the closer the light source is to the line of sight, the more obvious the glare. However, if you want to reduce glare, it will inevitably lead to the loss of brightness, so most of the table lamps on the market still focus on brightness, and only some high-end table lamps can achieve anti-glare performance without losing brightness.

Watch out for strobe

The stroboscopic light of the desk lamp will have a serious impact on vision. When the stroboscopic light source of the desk lamp is too high, the ciliary muscle of the eye will always be in a relaxed and tense state of motion. After a long time, it will form muscle fatigue, which will eventually lead to light exposure. The perception ability declines, which causes myopia problems. Because the stroboscopic directly represents the stability of the light, it is best to choose a desk lamp with a lower stroboscopic frequency when purchasing, and the stroboscopic frequency should preferably exceed 25,000 rpm. Generally speaking, since halogen lamps and incandescent lamps are lit through tungsten wires, there is almost no stroboscopic problem, while fluorescent lamps maintain a current frequency of 50 Hz, so there is stroboscopic, and LED lamps also have stroboscopic problems.

See appearance and color

Although the lamp mainly plays the role of lighting, its decorative effect cannot be ignored. Therefore, when purchasing table lamps, you also need to pay attention to color and style. The shape of the table lamp purchased should be beautiful and practical, and the main color should match with other indoor furniture. If there is a lampshade, its color and shape must not only be in harmony with the interior decoration style, but also must play a practical function. The principle of covering the lamp body is to prevent the eyes from being directly exposed to strong light and avoid glare. Influence. In addition, there are some smart desk lamps with personalized characteristics, which have dual functions of decoration and lighting, and are also very good choices.

All in all, when buying table lamps, it is still mainly based on low-frequency flicker and high color rendering. If conditions permit, it is best to choose high-end table lamps with anti-glare function. In addition, for the convenience of use, you can also choose a desk lamp with a multi-level dimming function to meet different needs for lighting.

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