Some people like to be lively, some people like to be quiet. The case I want to bring to you today is the modern Nordic style, which is characterized by nature and simplicity.

The style of this case is mainly gray and brown. The top, wall and floor are all in different colors, and only lines and color blocks are used to distinguish and embellish. All furniture shapes are also unique and unique.

Living room

The first impression of the living room in this case is that it is quiet. There is no extra decoration, only sofa, coffee table, TV, that’s all. The ceiling is flat and designed without main lights. The TV wall is covered with marble tiles, which are thick and easy to clean. The TV cabinet is cancelled, and the TV wall is selected to be dug inside, which can meet the needs of storage and is not easy to hide dust. My favorite is the bay window design. It is a beautiful thing to wrap the whole bay window with wooden boards, then spread a layer of soft cushion, take a nap here, drink tea, and look out the window.

Dining room

The dining room is next to the living room, with chandeliers, dining tables, and seats, as if they were all outlined by lines. There is no superfluous clutter, just like a work of art to be exhibited.


The editor also likes to read books very often. If the editor has such a study, the reading quality must be rising. The first thing that catches the eye is this perfect combination of metal and wood desk, with a wide length for two people to read at the same time. Behind the desk is a bookcase designed with a whole wall, which is ups and downs, and is well-proportioned. Books can be stacked, and some favorite accessories and green plants can also be placed.


The bedroom continues the style of the main body, with taupe as the keynote, white bed, clean and tidy, with two simple bedside tables on the left and right, and three artistic chandeliers hanging on the right, which can satisfy the bedside lighting and can also be used for the entire wall. Add a touch of bright color. The whole space is harmonious and natural, quiet and peaceful, and builds a good sleeping environment for the owner.

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