This apartment is located in central Stockholm, Sweden, designed by Liljencrantz Design studio. The building is a heritage of the early 20th century, showing the elegant space atmosphere of modern urban life. The warm wood-colored space sets the tone for a calm and pure space.

living room

In the living room, the plaid pattern on the ceiling shows a different retro atmosphere. The dark grey fabric sofa creates a colour contrast with the white armchair opposite.

The sun shines into the interior through the floor-to-ceiling windows, creating a transparent and warm space atmosphere. The bouquets in the living room are delicate and stylish, enhancing the overall texture of the space.


In the kitchen, the designer chose milky white as the main color of the space to create a clean and pure space atmosphere. The delicate texture on the central island platform adds a natural atmosphere to the space, and the simple shape shows the geometric beauty under modern minimalism.


The fresh tones of the bedroom are paired with dark wardrobes, forming a color contrast, creating an elegant and warm space atmosphere. Linen bedding is soft and comfortable. The cloakroom is tailor-made for the owner, the wardrobe is scattered and orderly, and the exquisite furniture shows a different artistic beauty.

In the bathroom, the designer chose white and wood as the main color of the space, creating a calm and elegant space texture. The marble pattern on the washbasin is full of changes, adding a light and luxurious texture to the space.

About Liljencrantz Design

Liljencrantz is a design studio based in Stockholm, Sweden, their designs focus on durable natural materials and good craftsmanship, paying great attention to every detail of the production process. Their interiors respect place and architecture, and balance mid-century modern influences with contemporary language. The result is layered, elegant, and timeless.

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