Today, we start our world tour of decorative objects and wooden interior furniture, and recommend 5 wooden lamps to you.It may be the Lighting Design Trends for 2022.

Muuto’s Wooden Lighting

Small Scandinavian style wooden lamp

This small wooden lamp was designed by TAF Architects for manufacturer Muuto. Made of pine wood, it has the typical look of Nordic style decorations: a simple and functional shape, light colours and a natural look. With this light fixture, the creators of TAF Architects show us how a small accessory can change the mood of an entire room.

With its natural beauty, this wooden lamp is ideal to decorate any room of the house, starting with a child’s or adult’s desk and finishing with the kitchen countertop through the living room and bedside table. The luminaire has a height of 50 cm and is also available in a variety of colours.

Asterisco Composite Wood Lamp

Asterisco is a product of the LZF brand manufactured by Polywood, a composite wood that is easier to handle and remodel than the virgin material. The small multipurpose lamp was created by design agency Cuatro Cuatros in Valencia, Spain.

This is a lighting source that, despite its small size, is able to position itself as a nice accessory. Precisely because of its ability to transform into the decorative accent that Cuatro Cuatros decided to give the Asterisk name. And, it has a mini desk, perfect for decorating a kitchen countertop, desk or small console at home or in professional spaces.

Mini Kino Table Lamp

This small and charming light fixture is called Kino. This is a very light lamp made of composite wood panels bent into complex shapes that are otherwise difficult to obtain.

The Kino lamp is an ecological and original product that can be found on a table top or at the end of a sofa, and…anywhere you want to install it!

Pana Naughty Wood Lamp

Here’s a light that’s not only practical but also fun: a lamp-shaped dog from Thai company Pana Objects.

The lamp is shaped like a puppy, and inside you will be a trace of happiness. This office lighting device is simple and easy to disassemble: its original intention and cute shape make it more joyful in your daily life.

Ferm Living

Let’s spend some time in the field of children’s design lighting and explore the Ferm Living brand children’s collection of wooden lamps.

This range of products is made of wood veneer. Not too fond of space, they were inspired by familiar images of children: forest animals, travel gear from the past such as hot air balloons, clouds and cute little houses.

In short, all the beautiful images we use to associate with fairy tales and comics!

Available as a wall-mounted version, these beautiful wooden lamps are great for decorating the area around your little one’s bed as well as lighting workbenches, reading areas, or games.

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