saucer bubble

Invented by American industrial designer George Nelson in 1952, the Saucer Bubble Pendant Light is a modernist classic. It consists of a spun plastic shade that is spun around a sturdy steel wire frame to create a dazzlingly luminous effect. It emits a soft, diffused light that makes it a desirable addition to any room. The design has even found its way into popular culture, most notably in the form of the famous “Bubble lamp” seen in the movie Winning Time.

The Saucer Bubble Pendant is made from a patented form of webbing polymer that is spun around a heavy-duty steel wire frame to give it the sturdiness it needs. It is available in four sizes, with each rated for a specific wattage. The smaller Bubble pendant measures about eight inches in diameter and is rated for a 60 watt bulb, while the larger version is a tad larger at about ten inches. It also comes with a 10-foot cord.

The Nelson Saucer Bubble Pendant is an iconic design that is still handcrafted in the United States. It was first produced by Herman Miller in the 1950s, and is still being made by the same factory to this day. The Saucer Bubble Pendant is a timeless piece of lighting that complements contemporary interiors while adding a touch of mid-century modern appeal. It is a good fit for low or tall ceilings, making it ideal for a variety of settings. The classic Saucer Bubble pendant is available in small, medium, large, and extra-large sizes. It ships for free to the US and Canada. The Nelson Saucer Bubble Pendant can be purchased in the US at HAY, a leading supplier of home furnishings and decor.

The Saucer Bubble Pendant is a worthy addition to any home, office, or library. Its translucent polymer shell provides a soft, diffused glow that is ideal for illuminating any area of the home. The light is UL-listed, meaning it is safe for use in homes. It can be displayed individually, or grouped together to create a dazzling array of gleaming lights. Its luminous effects are best displayed when placed near an artificial light source, such as a lamp or ceiling fan. It comes with an 183cm white PVC isolation cable. Its light-catching capabilities are enhanced by the inclusion of a LED bulb, which emits a beautiful bluish-white light that illuminates your space.

The Saucer Bubble Pendant is surprisingly easy to install. It can be mounted on a wall or above a desk, making it ideal for a variety of uses. It can be hung from a ceiling or a lamp, and it comes with a brushed nickel plated steel ceiling plate. It is a remarkably functional piece of lighting, albeit one that may not have been considered in the early days of lighting design.

Although it is not technically a lamp, the Saucer Bubble Pendant is a worthy addition for any home or office. It is a great way to add style to any room, and is the perfect choice for any mid-century modern design enthusiast. It can be used alone, or grouped with other modern designs to create a stunning visual effect.