sola ii

Thermo Scientific SOLA II is a highly sophisticated sulfur online analyzer that offers quick and accurate sulfur measurement in both liquid and gaseous phases. This unique instrument has been installed in thousands of installations worldwide. It uses Pulsed Ultraviolet Fluorescence (PUV) technology to provide accurate measurement of total sulfur. The resulting data has a number of applications, including determining the optimum product yield, maximizing profitability, and improving operational efficiency.

The SOLA II series includes an array of packages that meet a variety of demands. You can find SOLAII systems with electronic control, manual control, or a combination of the two. In addition to analyzing the sulfur content in samples, the analyzer can be used for a variety of other tasks. Its light engine can be integrated with existing hardware and filter cubes, providing stable and powerful illumination that is easy to read.

The SOLA II offers a wide range of applications, from measuring the sulfur content of air to identifying sulfur leaks. The product is designed to meet the requirements of many different markets, from refineries to oil and gas companies to laboratories. The SOLA II is an ideal alternative to lab-based grab samples. This means you can avoid costly lab setup and maintenance costs while achieving maximum productivity. The device also has the capability to monitor the status of internal leaks and help improve overall performance.

The SOLA II’s Modbus TCP/IP option provides a bridge between the serial Modbus and TCP/IP Modbus networks. This enables you to configure your analyzer to use a 10 Base-T network. This option is a microprocessor-driven board that is embedded inside the SOLA II enclosure. The module is configured using a 10-base-T network and provides an effective interface between the SOLA II and a RS232 Modbus RTU or RS485 Modbus RTU-equipped computer.

The SOLAII series also has an X-Purge system that allows you to purge the sample before analysis. This feature is especially useful when testing a liquid sample. It is not recommended to decoke the reaction tube, as this may cause the tube to break and lead to a poorer analytical result. If you do wish to utilize the X-Purge feature, be sure to follow the instructions and specifications for this feature.

The SOLA II user guide features a wealth of information. In addition to the normal calibration settings and instrument set-up, it features a section dedicated to the sample portion. This includes a 24-hour format, high-caliber calibration, and the hh:mm:ss format. Besides this, the guide explains how to adjust the reported reading, select an engineering unit, and condition the sample tubing. The guide also offers application-specific drawings and a list of digital inputs.

The SOLA II user guide also comes with a graph of the SOLA II’s most significant calibrations. Among the items included are the full scale value (20 mA), the best hh:mm:ss averaging mode, the high-caliber hh:mm:ss corresponding calibration, and a mm-mi-momentary. The SOLA II also has a number of other sub-menus. The most important one is the Clock Setup menu. It has the ability to lock the detector signal to the highest calibrated concentration.